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  2. Quick Tip: View All Mac OS Terminal Commands and What They Do | Other World Computing Blog
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Git support for terminal. Brew autocompletion.

How to use the command line on Mac

Not bad but there is a loooooot of plugins and themes. This is without a doubt the most iTerm2 feature. Actions speak louder than words, allow me to demonstrate what I mean exactly. The hotkeys for horizontal split are: The hotkeys for vertical split are: You can close a window with: We can peek inside files without actually opening them. Very useful for quick peeks. You know that feel when you have two existing image files logo1.

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Copy the file contents to your clipboard, pretty straightforward but very useful! Once you open this app, simply select Change Root Password from the Edit menu. Below are some common macOS commands, organized by general function. Bookmark this page so you can refer back to it often.

Quick Tip: View All Mac OS Terminal Commands and What They Do | Other World Computing Blog

Although most options to these commands are identical between Linux and macOS, be sure to view the manual page for commands that you will use in the future. Disk quotas are configured differently in macOS. Instead, you must create two files in the root of the filesystem that you wish to enable quotas on. As in Linux, macOS stores its variables in environment files.

What is the command line?

User and group administration differs slightly in macOS from Linux. There are no useradd or userdel commands.

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Instead, you must use the System Preferences utility to create user accounts properly. Network devices have different names in macOS. Run as administrator The term sudo stands for Super User Do. Your console will most likely look something like this: Note I'm Tania.

Mac keyboard shortcuts

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